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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Leg Day

One of my favorite muscle groups to train is legs. These workouts usually tend to be long because you have a lot of muscles in your legs and they all need training. I always hit the major muscles of the leg which are the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. And I will use my leg day to train glutes as well.

I don't do exercises for my inner and outer thighs on the abductor and adductor machines (those machines where you are sitting and squeezing your legs together and pushing them apart). I find that you get an awesome workout doing exercises that hit all the muscles like squats. Plus, I don't really want to increase the size of the muscles that the abductor and adductor machines focus on. A common misconception with those machines is that people think they are burning the fat off of their legs. Wrong! You will need cardio for that.

I would recommend changing your leg routine every few weeks. (This would actually apply to any weight training routine.) The reason you want to change it up, is because your body adapts to the exercises and those exercises become less effective. It's sort of like your body knows what's coming and so it doesn't work as hard. If your change your routine to a new set of exercises, your body will work harder because it hasn't had a chance to adapt.

Check out one of my favorite leg training routines below.

4 sets of each exercise

Smith machine squats 90x20*/180x10/180x10/180x10

Decline leg press 270x15/270x15/270x15/270x12

Leg extensions 90x15/120x12/140x10/140x10

Leg curls 105x15/120x10/120x10/120x10

Deadlifts w/ bar 95x10/95x10/95x10/95x10

Standing calf raises 90x20/90x20/90x20/90x20

Cable kickbacks (glutes) 35x10 ea. leg for 4 sets

*90x20 means 90 pounds for 20 reps. Each set is notated by a /

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