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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just Dust Yourself Off!

One thing that is really difficult about following a healthy lifestyle, is that not everyday will be perfect. You have to keep in mind that getting in shape, losing bodyfat, gaining muscle or whatever your goal is, is a process.

Look at your long-term progress rather than your day to day or meal to meal progress. If you have a bad meal or bad eating day, don't throw in the towel, just make sure your next meal or day is better. Things will balance out.

If you look at my eating habits, most days are really good, but there are days when I slip and eat something I shouldn't or wait too long before meals or eat too late. For example, if I have a meal, let's say lunch and I eat way too much; what I will do is eat lighter throughout the rest of the day. In doing so, I am still reaching my goal of losing bodyfat. So, if you find you've fallen off, just dust yourself off and pick yourself up again!

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