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Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you have recently started looking at my blog entries, I'd just like to reiterate my current goals (mentioned in previous blog 1/8/09).

I am trying to get my body "bikini ready" for my upcoming vacation in March.

If you've noticed, my diet is far from a figure contest prep diet. Since I'm not training for a show, I will not eat like I am. I will reserve that strict diet solely for contest prep. Instead, I am following a more lenient, but still effective diet for fat loss. I am allowing myself to eat "normal" stuff i.e. popcorn from time to time.

So yes, it is true! One can lose bodyfat without following a super strict diet that completely eliminates the things you like to eat.

Check in to see my daily food journal and see how I eat and the progress I make. I weigh myself and check my bodyfat every Saturday and post my results and the end of my food journal blog for that day.

As of Sunday February 1, I am 7 weeks away from my goal date of March 22. Stay tuned!

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