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Monday, February 23, 2009

Food Journal Sun 2/22

Cheat Day!*

The asterisk denotes foods that I would not normally eat, but allowed myself to have on this fine, special day.

2 pancakes*
3 pc low sodium bacon*
1 whole egg, 1 egg white scrambled
light butter, sugar free syrup
~600 calories

1/2 turkey sandwich on whole wheat w/ small amt of light Miracle Whip
100 calories

Protein shake
-1 cup light vanilla soy
-1.5 scoops protein
-6 frozen strawberry slices
205 calories

1 svg tilapia
100 calories

1 Think Thin bar
3 small pieces of pork skins* (I usually hate these and don't touch them, but the hubby had some, so of course I wanted to try some.)
~255 calories

12:00 (too late!)
1/4 of a personal DiGiorno pizza for one (again, the hubby was eating this and I just couldn't resist & had a piece. But it was my cheat day, so I gave in.)
143 calories

Approx totals
Calories: 1403
Protein: 90g
Carbs: 121g

Rundown: OK, so since today was my cheat day, my totals were a bit high. Well, the calories and carbs were a bit high, protein was fine. All in all, not a bad cheat day. I didn't go overboard, but I did allow myself to have some goodies. I love pancakes! And the pizza was pretty tasty too!

I definitely recommend having one day that you allow yourself to indulge a little. And may I emphasize a little! Just because you have a "cheat day" doesn't give you license to go hog wild and consume 3000 calories in one day. Cheat days, in my experience allow you to stay focused on your diet for the rest of the week. And knowing you can have a cheat in the near future makes you less likely to feel deprived of the things you really enjoy eating.

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