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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hitting a Plateau

You've been consistent with your workouts. You're intensity has been really good. You've been at it for a long time. And to your amazement, no results. Sound familiar? If so, you've hit a plateau.

Anyone who has been consistent with a workout over a long period of time is likely to experience this frustrating no results period.

If you perform the same workout over and over, your body get used to it. You are no longer challenging your body to be able to produce results. Changing your routine even slightly will help get you back to seeing results. Below are a few tips that may help.

1. Try different types of cardio. If you always use the treadmill, try the elpitical instead.
2. Do different exercises for resistance training. Change up your whole routine with new exercises.
3. Turn up the intensity. If you've been doing bicep curls with 15lb DBs forever, bump it up and use 20lb DBs. You may need to do fewer reps at first, but that is OK.
4. Change your frequency. If you only workout twice a week, go three or four times a week. And conversely, if you workout six days a week, reduce it to maybe three times per week.
5. Take some time off. This may sound strange, but about every six weeks you should take a few days off from working out. This gives your body a chance to totally recover and allows you to tackle a new workout with a fresh and rested body.

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