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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food Journal Sat 3/7

9:00 (200 calories)
1/3 cup oatmeal w/ sf strawberry preserves
1 scoop protein w/ water

1:00 (340 calories)
Boca burger on w.w., 1 slice Kraft American cheese

5:00 (150 calories)
Protein shake: 1 cup light soy, 1 scoop protein, 6 slices frozen strawberries

8:00 (~225 calories) At Bo Lings
1/2 meal of Steamed chicken and veggies (from the light side menu)
~1/4 cup brown rice

10:30 (235 calories)
1/2 PB&J
1/2 Power Crunch bar

1:00 (135 calories) *Too late, I should not have eaten this*
1/2 PB&J

Approx totals
Calories: 1285
Protein: 91g
Carbs: 75g

Workout: 40 min cardio on stairmaster
Weights: legs

Rundown: Today was OK. I should not have eaten the late night PB&J. The late night snacking feeling got the best of me. Other than that, today was really good. I was even good when I went to eat at Bo Lings. I usually like to get General Tso's chicken and some Crab Rangoon for an appetizer, but I resisted and got the Steamed Chicken and Veggies dish which is cooked with no oil or sauce. Add a little low sodium soy sauce and it's not bad.

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