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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Food Journal Wed 3/4

7:30 (280 calories)
1 cup Kellogg's Specail K Protein Plus cereal
1/2 cup light soy
1 scoop protein w/ water
coffee w/ Cool Whip

10:30 (100 calories)
small svg Thai chicken veggie stir-fry

1:30 (345 calories)
Boca burger on whole wheat, 1 slice cheese
1 cup broccoli

6:45 (325 calories)
1 protein shake
-1 cup light soy
-6 slices frozen strawberries
-1 scoop protein
1 cup Special K cereal w/ 1/2 cup light soy
coffee w/ Cool Whip

9:30 (50 calories)
1 boiled egg, removed most yolk

Approx totals
Calories 1100
Protein: 110g
Carbs: 70g

No workout today.

Rundown: Today was pretty good! It's crunch time so, I will make sure my carbs don't get too high and protein is slightly higher than usual. I am upping the protein and reducing the carbs because I tend to be carb sensitive and the increase in protein ensures I don't have too few calories for the day.

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