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Friday, May 29, 2009

Love Chipotle?

If you love going to Chipotle and savoring the delicious taste of chicken, with peppers, with rice, with cheese, with guacomole ... then you're a lot like me and you know good food when you taste it!

This place is about as close as I get to fast food. Now, because it doesn't have golden arches or a picture of a young girl with red pigtails outside it, don't be fooled. It can be just as bad as any fast food restaurant.

Check out Chipotle's website and they provide all the nutrition information you need to decide if you really need to top those tacos with that extra cheese and sour cream. So, yes, eating the wrong stuff at Chipotle can be a problem. Solution: don't eat the wrong stuff. Below is an example of what I would order.

Burrito Bowl (no burrito shell, no rice, no beans)
-toppings: chicken, peppers/onions, light cheese (a pinch), mild salsa, hot salsa and lettuce.

Leaving out the burrito or taco shells, the rice and the beans saves a ton of calories. My burrito bowl would be around 330 calories. If I got the burrito and added all the extras like more cheese, sour cream, rice, beans and guacomole, then that bowl would be about 1190 calories. Wow! 330 calories vs. 1190 calories for one meal. Which would you pick?

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