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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Milk it Up

Many of us haven't had milk as a part of our daily diet since childhood. But there are a lot of adults out there who still love it.

Nothing wrong with that. Just drink it wisely.

Two things to look out for: fat and sugar.

Fat: OK, so on one end of the spectrum, there is whole milk and on the other end, skim milk. Then there are a lot of options in-between. Whole milk has the most fat, which you want to stay away from. Skim has the least amount of fat, but is probably the least tasty. So, if you can't stand the watery taste of skim (like me), opt for a 2% or 1%.

Sugar: Many people don't realize how much sugar milk has. In one cup of 1% milk, you are looking at 13 grams of sugar! Way too much. Check out the nutrition data here.

What should you do?

I like to drink soy milk. Now, when I first started to drink it, I was skeptical. (I thought it would taste bad.) But now, I love it and can't imagine going back to regular milk.

Soy is great because it has protein and is low in carbs. AND it's lower in fat and sugar than regular milk. Plus, for those who have a problem with lactose, it's lactose-free. (Bonus!) Check out the nutrition data for soy here.

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