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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beyoncé Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Beyonce has teamed up with Michelle Obama through the NABEF in the Let's Move Campaign.

According to The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation site, the organization is spearheading a "Let's Move! Flash Workout" featuring Beyonce. On May 3, 2011 middle school students across the country are being called upon to participate in the pre-choreographed dance exercise routine at the exact time, 1:42 p.m. EST. Beyonce has re-recorded "Get Me Bodied" for the campaign. The song has been re-written as a dance instructional.

Childhood obesity is a serious problem affecting America's children. The Let's Move site states that one in three children in America are obese. These numbers are startling! I'm all for a movement to help our kids get in shape. And what better way, than to dance!

Now, some may criticize this dance workout by saying it's not enough. Saying that, doing a 4-minute dance really isn't going to make a huge impact on someone's weight or health.

I agree.

But it's a start. If you can get a group of kids motivated to get up off the couch, put down their video games and cell phones for a few minutes to get burn at least some calories, you're really doing something. Who knows, it might encourage some to go beyond and become a little more active. Win!

And anyway, this dance is awesome! It looks so fun! I may not be a middle school kid, but I sure am about to learn it!

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