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Monday, May 30, 2011

Serving Sizes Made Simple

Ever wonder just how much is in a serving? Sure, if you take a look at the nutrition facts label, it tells you exactly. But unless you have a food scale or a measuring cup handy, it can be a little difficult and frustrating to try to figure out "x" amounts of grams or ounces or most any other measure.

Here's a handy guide to some of the most common things we eat to help you control your portions while putting your meals together.

MEAT: Single serving: 3 ounces cooked. Size comparison: A deck of cards. Calories: 150

PASTA: Single serving: 1 cup cooked. Size comparison: Baseball. Calories: 180-210

BUTTER:  Single serving: 1 tablespoon. Size comparison: Bottle top of a gallon milk jug. Calories: 100

NUTS: Single serving: 1 ounce. Size comparison: Short shot glass. Calories: 170

POTATO: Single serving: 3 ounces. Size comparison: Computer mouse. Calories: 90 calories

OIL: Single serving: 1 tablespoon. Size comparison: 1/2 walnut shell. Calories: 120

STRAWBERRIES: Single serving: 1 cup. Size comparison: Baseball. Calories: 50

BAGEL: Single serving: 3-4 inches in diameter. Size comparison: Can of tuna. Calories: 190

CHEESE: Single serving: 1 ounce. Size comparison: Two dominos. Calories: 110

RICE: Single serving: 1/2 cup cooked. Size comparison: Cupped palm. Calories: 110

Calories are approximate.

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