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Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Exercise Tools You Might Not Know About

There are always new fitness tools coming out -- some good and some bad. It can be difficult to identify the ones that are worth your money and the ones that should stay on the shelf.

But there are some tools that do work. We have to keep in mind that a tool is just that -- a tool. It doesn't take the place of doing a variety of exercises and healthy eating. As important as it is to workout, so is changing up your routine. We adapt to the same ol' exercises and as soon as the body is no longer challenged, the results slow and eventually come to a hault. I've listed some tools below that are sure to add some oomph into your workout. Check them out!
Heavy Ropes: These are great for conditioning and for upper body strength training. The ropes will work muscles that don't typically get any attention from regular weight training programs. The exercises vary from jumping jacks to two-handed rope slams where you take the rope in each hand, raise them overhead and slam them into the ground.
Sandbag:  You can use an actual bag of sand that comes in plastic or use a specially designed exercise sandbag, which is like a gym bag that you put smaller bags of sand in. The handles allow you to keep better form and control. Try using the bag for an intense circuit training routine that will burn a lot of calories and increase muscle strength. These are great for working the stabilizer muscles adding grip strength.
TRX Suspension Bands: Great for total body workouts using bodyweight for resistance. Do everything from planks, to squats, to push-ups with these. These are perfect for any skill level. Adjusting your positioning changes the level of difficulty for each exercise.
Body Bar: These bars seem light and delicate, but they can hold some weight. Weight sizes vary from 3 pounds all the way up to 36 pounds. The bar is versatile allowing you do many different fitness disciplines like martial arts, yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning to name a few.
Ugi Ball: It's sort of like a squishy medicine ball. This ball is a great functional tool for total body workouts. It emphasizes balance training and strengthening core muscles. Each exercise done with the ball challenges entire muscle groups at once.

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