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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

31 Days of Weight Loss Tips: Day 18 Avoid Store Bought Juice

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Walk into any grocery store and find the juice -- you'll be met with a plethora of options from orange to grape to apple to tempting blends of pineapple, cranberry and strawberry. But if you're trying to lose weight and be healthier, avoid all of them.

Juice that can sit around on store shelves has been pasteurized. The pasteurization process heats the juice to a high temperature to kill off harmful bacteria, mold or unwanted microorganisms that may be present.

And when the bad stuff is eliminated, so is the good. You are left with a denatured juice that has a tiny amount of nutrients left, which is why juice is fortified -- to add back some the nutrients that are lost (and not all are added back).

According the the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 98% of juices sold in the United States are pasteurized and can be found as frozen concentrate, stored at room temperature or in the refrigerated section in the grocery store.

Store bought juice is basically sugar water. And many contain one of the worst sugars you can consume -- high fructose corn syrup.

Don't be misled by claims on the label, like "100% juice" or "not from concentrate" and think that this type of juice is best for you. These types of juice are missing many of the fruit's natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. And sure, 100% juice at least doesn't have added sugars, but it still lacks the fruit's natural nutrients.

So if you are going to have juice, make it yourself with a juicer. And if you don't have a juicer, opt for eating a piece of fruit instead -- you'll be much better off.

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