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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

31 Days of Weight Loss Tips: Day 3 Increase Water

Here's an easy one: If you want to be fit, don't be thirsty.

Water makes up more than half of the human body and an adequate supply is vital. Throughout the day our bodies continuously use water for any number of purposes, from brain, liver, kidney and cellular functions -- and everything in between. This is why replenishing water to our system is so important.

Without a sufficient water supply, our bodies cannot function optimally.

Here a few things to keep in mind as you sip your next glass of water (I like mine with lemon wedges):
  • helps speed up metabolism
  • helps transport micro- and macro-nutrients to cells
  • helps suppress appetite
  • reduces fat deposits in body
  • helps dissolve waste particles (an impacted colon can add several pounds of weight)
  • reduces water retention (dehydration causes the body to hold onto water, increasing weight)
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