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Monday, February 6, 2012

Running Hills ... Um, Yes Please!

Over the weekend the family and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful 70 degree Arizona weather and get outside -- little did I know I'd be running hills while setting an example for my 19-month twins.

We put the boys in their stroller and off we went. First stop, we walked up to our neighborhood tennis court and played around a bit. I'm no good at tennis, but I like pretending that I could potentially be the next Serena. Ha!

Next, we trekked up to the park where it was packed! People were out barbecuing, kids were practicing their skateboard tricks at the skate park, the baseball field and basketball courts were packed -- and lots of people out walking around, just enjoying the sun.

We were those people, just walking around, until Hubby challenged me. We approached a set of hills that he runs regularly and he wondered if I could do it at all. Humph, the nerve. So I told him "of course I can do it, hello ... I do workout, bring it on."

So he said "let's see if you can do two." I thought that was too easy, and in no way a challenge. But in an attempt to show him up, I didn't protest. So, I set out to do it. What the heck, why not.

Running downhill is always easiest and at that point, I was actually enjoying myself. It wasn't until I started running uphill that my opinion changed. The hill was deceptively steep. It didn't look like it from afar, but it kicked my butt, and I still had to turn around -- run downhill -- then run uphill again -- before I was even done with the first hill. Ugh.

As I dragged myself along and completed the first hill run, I approached Hubby and my boys completely out of breath, panting and shaking my head. Nope. That's it. I'd had enough. That was hard!

Hubby said "oh c'mon, that was only one." And in the back of my mind, I knew. I knew I had to finish or I wouldn't hear the end of this. Plus, what kind of example would I be setting for my boys (though they're too little to really get it, but still).

So, somewhere from deep within, I mustered up the energy to do it again. And this time I set out to do two hill runs (making my total 3) -- and I'd do the next two runs, back to back, without a break.

"It's mind over matter," I told myself.

I took off and did it. Ran the first one, then the second. This time around I knew what I was in for, so that made it a little better. Also, I paced myself. I wasn't about to win an Olympic medal for this, so I decided there was no need to do the whole run in a sprint. A nice jog did the trick. I finished and patted myself on the back. Whew! I'm actually eager to do it again and see how many more I can do the next time around.

Throughout the run, when I got to the top of the hill, I'd see my little boys -- they had curious, puzzled and skeptical looks on their faces as they watched Mommy disappear below the hill and reappear soon after -- and repeat. They'll get it one day. They were born into a family that doesn't mind a challenge here and there. They too, will have their chance to run hills -- one day. Mwuahaha.

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