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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Goodbye Old Blender, Hello New Vitamix!

The day finally arrived -- my brand new Vitamix Creations GC blender was delivered to my house, opening a whole new world of blending to me.

For the last nine months, I'd been fantasizing about replacing my old blender for a brand new Vitamix. Ever since I started making green smoothies, I couldn't help but to imagine how fantastically smooth they could be with a quality blender.

If you're wondering what the heck is a Vitamix -- I understand. This time last year, I had never even heard of it. Once you enter the green smoothie world, things you never knew about start popping up everywhere.

During the years (uh, my entire life minus the past year) prior to making green smoothies, my idea of a good blender was whatever was most expensive at Target. Oh, but it goes far beyond that. The Vitamix is a high performance blender that has a heavy duty motor and really sharp blade that is designed to take a whole tough vegetables, like carrots, and turn them into velvety smooth smoothies, plus a lot more.

As it was, the blender that I had been using was all wrong for the task of green smoothies, producing chunky green messes that kinda looked like a smoothie -- if you imagined really hard.

It was old and barely hanging on. The ten-year-old blender was purchased during my college years as a means to make margaritas. Ha! It was college. And being that it was during my college years, I got the cheapest blender WalMart had to offer.

Recently, the blender decided it couldn't handle shredding romaine lettuce -- and forget about kale. It protested by smoking. Yes, smoking -- I didn't know that was possible, I figured one day it'd just stop working altogether.

Since it was on its last legs, I felt somewhat justified in making the purchase for the Vitamix. I tend to be really cheap, (well ... let's say frugal) most of the time, so I did my $1 a day assessment to figure if it was a worthwhile investment -- and it passed. I take the cost of an item and figure out if I'll use it for X amount of days of the cost. So, if I was considering a $75 pair of shoes, I'd ask myself if I was going to wear the shoes at least 75 times? Yes answers make me feel better about a purchase.

OK, let's fast forward and get to the big question, you're probably asking, "how was it?"

Old vs New
I never thought I'd ever be so excited about an appliance or use the word "marvelous" to describe something, but here I am. I can really tell a huge difference in the texture of the smoothie. I don't have to chew it anymore, which is quite thrilling, really.

A book of recipes came with the blender and I can't wait to start making things like sorbet, almond milk, almond butter and tons of smoothies and shakes.

If anyone is on the fence about upgrading blenders, I would definitely recommend this purchase. Especially if you make a lot of things that are tough to process with most store bought blenders.

If you need me, I'll be off blending something.


Tiffany Harper said...

I so want either the Vitamix or the Ninja. That looks absolutely fabulous. off to research!

TrainerTiff said...

Thanks! I considered the Ninja too, but just decided to go for the big boy since I wanted to start and try blending all kinds of different things.