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Friday, March 9, 2012

Leg Training: Stiff-legged Deadlift Demo

If you want to develop that curve on the back of your thigh and get a great looking butt, you need an exercise that targets your hamstrings and glutes. This is your move -- the stiff-legged deadlift.

I know there are a lot of ladies out there that don't like to go heavy in the gym for fear they will develop a physique like a man. Well, to that I say -- forget that. That's not the case. Women don't have the testosterone to produce huge muscles like men.

But what about bodybuilding women? Sure, well they are bodybuilding women and go through extreme measures to develop muscle size. If you're an average gym-goer, there's no need to worry about becoming too muscular.

Lifting heavy weights is one of the most effective ways to develop muscle giving women that toned look they want and giving men some serious size, as long as a regimented lifting schedule is followed.

The stiff-legged deadlift is my favorite hamstring exercise. Be sure to have correct form while performing the exercise to avoid injury and to maximize benefits.

  • Feet about shoulder width apart
  • Shoulders back
  • Abs held in tight
  • Don't lock knees
  • Hold head in direction of the movement
  • Squeeze glutes as you return to standing position
  • Breath: inhale on the way down, exhale as you stand

Include these on your leg training days. Pick a weight that allows a rep range of about 8-10 where the last couple of reps are difficult. Perform 3-4 sets. I suggest training legs 2-3 times per week.

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