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Monday, October 8, 2012

#TOFC Week 1 Challenge Recap

Kicked off the challenge by running hills at the park. 
It may be fall, but it still looks like summer here in Arizona. 
The first week of the challenge went well for me. It was tough at times. For instance, giving up cheese is always difficult for me because I love it. I think we all have that one thing that we could eat entirely too much of in one sitting and be perfectly fine with it -- for me, it's cheese.

But in all, the week was fine. The best part was that my weight and bodyfat decreased! My overall goal of the challenge is to reduce my bodyfat by 2 percent. I tend to maintain around 20%, but I like to push myself to get to 18% when I hover at 20% for too long.

After competing in figure shows and having to lean out to 12-14% bodyfat (which is hardly sustainable for anybody), I've found that 18% bodyfat represents the perfect mix of lean and curves that is right for me.

I experimented a lot with food this week. In my attempt to drastically cut out any processed foods, for the first time I tried making homemade bread and almond butter. They both came out pretty good, though I know what I'll tweak the next time around to make it just right. Even Hubby was happy with the meals -- he's my taste barometer. He can be really picky, so if he likes it, then it must be good. 

Below, I noted in blue how I did with all the rules.
  • Exercise EVERY DAY  
    • Do an accumulation of 210 minutes of cardio each week I made it! On Sunday, however I had to pull a two-a-day to complete this -- one morning workout and an evening workout. 
    • Weight train 4 times each week I ended up weight training heavy 3 times this week. I would've done the 4th on Sunday, but I had to make up my missed cardio sessions that day. Next week, 4 days for sure!
  • Do a new type of exercise or class every week that you don't usually do (i.e. pull-ups, hiking, yoga, planks, Zumba, kickboxing, spinning, etc.) I ran hills which I don't do regularly and I added pull-ups into the mix. 
  • Every Sunday, write out your meal plan and workout schedule for the upcoming week. I did write out my meals and workout plan for the week. It helps tons!
  • Eat 5-6 times each day, every 2-3 hours. I did.
  • Never skip breakfast. I love breakfast time, I never skip.
  • Drink a minimum of 64 oz of water each day. I did, and some days more than 64 oz.
  • Reduce starchy carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, etc.) I limited my starchy carb servings to 1-2 each day.
  • Allow yourself ONE cheat meal each week. Oh yes, nachos! I missed my cheese!
  • Reduce dairy intake in half or have none at all. No dairy.
  • Eat a minimum of 2 pieces of fruit each day. Most days more than 2 pieces.
  • Avoid as many processed foods as possible. None except for my protein powder/juice shakes. But I did make my own bread to avoid store-bought bread!  
  • No alcohol (you can have one serving at your cheat meal each week). None except with my cheat meal which was 6 ounces of beer. 
Check out my typical daily diet and my workout plan for the week below. 

For those of you doing the challenge, I hope your week went well too. And if you want to start this challenge, it's not too late to jump in. We have the rest of October.

Week 1 was productive. Now onto week 2. I've got my workout schedule and meals planned. I hope you do as well. Have a great week!

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