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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Workout Clothes Subscription: PV Body Review

Don't you hate shopping for new workout gear? Well, for me, it's not my favorite task. And if you're like me, PV Body has got you covered.

Since I'm always in the gym, I will always need clothes to sweat it out in. My problem is that I never have time to shop. And when I do, I usually get overwhelmed by all of the choices -- and not to mention the cost of some items -- to the point that I end up leaving the store empty-handed.

You can probably catch me leaving the store mumbling something under my breath like, "Are you kidding me? A hundred dollars for a pair of black workout pants? Seriously?"

With that said, you can about imagine what my fitness apparel looks like -- a bunch of stuff that I've had forever and free tees that I've cut up into tanks. Here is an example. Geez.

Enter PVbody. For a monthly subscription fee of $49.95 they send you a new outfit consisting of a top and a bottom based on a style quiz profile you take when you sign up. And to sweeten the deal, they don't charge any shipping fees.

Some of the quiz questions ask about which activity you like to do best (yoga, running, etc.), which types of clothing fits you like, colors you prefer -- be it bold or conservative or somewhere in the middle, and of course your size.

My quiz results concluded that I was a Cardio Queen. I love the gym and bold colors.

I signed up at the end of November and my first shipment and billing was scheduled for December 17, as noted on their site when you log in and view your account.

I felt like a kid waiting for their birthday. I couldn't wait to see my new outfit. The best thing that I like about this service is that I don't have to do the selecting. As I stated before, that task is too much sometimes. I like that someone else is picking out the clothes for me. It's kind of like having a stylist -- which feels pretty awesome.

When I signed up, I got in on a deal that locked in my rate at $39.95 instead of the $49.95 that it is now. I also had a discount code that knocked off 20% for my first shipment. And because I signed up through Facebook, I was to get a free tank. Good deals all around!

On December 19, just two days after it shipped, the outfit arrived at my door wrapped in hot pink packaging. I eagerly opened the bag (again, like a kid on their birthday), to find the two pieces wrapped in tissue paper (nice touch). I peeled off the paper to find a bright blue racer tank and grey fitted leggings. Loved them. I was so happy that neither of the items were black -- a color I have plenty of.

The leggings were by American Apparel and the tank was by Electric Yoga. They both fit well.

I was so pleased with my items that I didn't even realize that my free tank was missing until the next day. This unexpected disappointment prompted me to log into my account and check things out -- only to be let down again. The billing wasn't right.

Remember that 20% off code I had? It wasn't reflected. I was charged the rate of $39.95 and not $31.96 that it should have been. Interesting too because the confirmation email that was sent to me had the correct amount with the discount. Sigh.

Yesterday, I finally got around to calling the company's customer service line. Luckily to my surprise (because these interactions are usually unpleasant), the guy on the phone was very helpful. I told him what went wrong and he quickly apologized for the issues. Then he said that he had just put my tee in a bag that would go out the next day and the discount got credited to my account immediately.


That was probably one of the fastest and easiest customer service calls I've ever experienced. Overall, I'm really happy with this company and its subscription service. I'll likely continue with it for a while so I can stock up on some gear. You can cancel at any time with a hit of the "cancel subscription" button found on your account profile.

My next package ships out on January 17. I can hardly wait to see what they send me next. For a gal who hates to shop for workout clothes, I'm glad PV Body has got my back.

1 comment:

Gill said...

I was ver dissattisfied with pv.body. I recieved my first shipment and had to exchange. It took them over 2 months to hear anything!!!! I exchange oct 31 and heard nothing. After numerous emails I finally heard on dec 5 about what I wanted in my shipment. I then didn't hear anything until dec 17 saying my shipment should be delivered by dec 21. It wasn't..... Today jan 2, I finally called again.... And was shocked to hear that it was never sent out after 2 months without any emails or phone calls!!!!! They blamed it on the influx of orders but my order was sent before the holiday season and when the cost was still 39.95. I really hope other people have better luck but they had a horrible way of dealing with a delayed package and getting on top of it. Hope they fix this problem.