1-hour Nutrition Consultation $45

I believe that having a basic understanding of how our body reacts to certain foods is key in order to have sustainable weight loss. We will discuss all the good and bad sources macronutrients: fat, carbohydrates and protein. We will also discuss how micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals play a critical role in sustainable weight loss and overall health. 

Basically, we are going to have a nice relaxed phone chat about nutrition for an hour. This will give you an opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have. Here are some of the things we'll discuss:

·         Why processed foods can impede weight loss.
·         Why even "healthy" fast food can prevent you from losing weight.
·         Why getting enough protein in your diet is important.
·         What is "enough" protein.
·         What the best type of carbs to eat are.
·         How to incorporate the right healthy fats into the diet.
·         Which "diet" foods to be careful of i.e. yogurt.
·         Why you should skip starchy carbs at night.
·         How sugar-free items can sabotage weight loss efforts.
·         The best types of fruits and vegetables to eat.

My goal of our chat is to provide you with a solid foundation on what good nutrition really is. Once you have a deeper understanding of this, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to make good food choices long-term. It's great if you already eat healthy. I will help you fine-tune your eating habits to help you reach your goal.

Follow-up nutrition chats are $25 for a half hour.


Weekly Coaching $60 ($15 per week) for the first month. Subsequent months, $40 per month.

This week by week coaching program is all about accountability. When clients report their food logs and workouts, they are more successful at attaining their goals. 

Each week you will receive:

·         Sample meal plans for the week with a couple of options at each meal.
·         A workout plan for the entire week.
·         Access via email or text at any time for questions.
·         Tip or concept of the week (i.e. how skipping meals affects blood glucose).
·         End of the week email check-in.
·         Review of weekly food journal.
·         Encouraging motivational text messages.

1-hour session  $35

Email me at trainertiff@hotmail.com to get your program started today!