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"In addition to creating effective workouts and providing moral support, Trainer Tiff shares under-the-radar health information. Her knowledge and insight prove valuable to me as I'm planning meals and fitness routines." Stacy E., Overland Park, KS

"I wanted to start having kids. I was overweight and didn't want to gain weight on top of being fat. Changing my diet caused weight loss but that wasn't enough. I wanted to feel better and get stronger. That's why I asked Tiffiany for help. I can actually say I had a great pregnancy body!" Amy B., Kansas City, MO

"Trainer Tiff's dietary guidance has coached me along for the last three months of steady weight loss and has given me higher energy and stamina on the basketball court. It was easier than I thought and her support was just what I needed." Phil S., Kansas City, MO

"Over the past several years, Tiffiany has helped me tremendously with my fitness goals. She has given me advice on everything from the types of workouts that I should be doing to reach my goals, to helping me with recipe ideas, to nudging me when I am running out of steam. She has been an advisor as well as an accountability partner and her knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unsurpassed." Niya H., Atlanta, GA

"I wanted to start a pre-pregnancy diet. I've heard from a lot of people that your body really takes a hit and I wanted to get healthy and prepared. I messaged Tiff through Facebook and she hooked me up with some great advice! I've been on my eating healthy and fitness plan for two weeks and have already dropped 5 pounds. It's staying off too! I read her blog daily and it is awesome! So many good tips, eating plan ideas, fitness tips, recipes and a lot more. I'm so excited to be eating healthy as my new way of life!" Emily M., Kansas City, MO